Straitjacket to end the day (4k)

Katharina16:42 minutesBondage2021
Straitjacket to end the day (4k) 1
Straitjacket to end the day (4k) 2

small raid at the end of work instead of the usual after work xxx .....

Hogtied with pantyhose (4k) 1
Hogtied with pantyhose (4k) 2

tight hogtie with pantyhose over her head in lingerie

Fixed in ceilings (4k)

Katharina14:43 minutesBondage2021
Fixed in ceilings (4k) 1
Fixed in ceilings (4k) 2

She loves blankets and especially when she is tied up nice and tight in them.

The Nurse (4k)

Katharina18:13 minutesBondage, Rope Bondage
The Nurse (4k) 1
The Nurse (4k) 2

She is called to a sick patient and goes there alone, stupidly the patient is not as sick as he pretends.......

The Burglar (4k)

Katharina14:46 minutesBondage2021
The Burglar (4k) 1
The Burglar (4k) 2

Katharina needs money and always breaks into other people's homes. Since she is invisible with her new camouflage suit, that shouldn't be a problem. If she's not mistaken.

The Librarian (4k) 1
The Librarian (4k) 2

Catherine is an accurate librarian who looks at bondage magazines during work hours, which is forbidden!

Der kranke Patient (4k)

Katharina15:09 minutesBondage
Der kranke Patient (4k) 1
Der kranke Patient (4k) 2

Katharina cares for a patient who is up to no good......viel Straitjackets Video

crossed feet (4k)

Elli15:37 minutesBondage2021