HD (bg-53) The tamed ballerina 1
HD (bg-53) The tamed ballerina 2
HD (bg-53) The tamed ballerina 3
HD (bg-53) The tamed ballerina 4

HD 720p, 16:9, Ballet dancer Cindy does not show discipline any more, and her very rigourous trainer needs to teach her manners again. For this reason he captures Cindy, ties her up and gags her very strictly. And he watches very closely that she overstretches her feet forward all the time. Every indiscipline is being severly punished. A lot of feet shots and strict tie ups with outtakes, backstage scenes and a topless bonus scene.

HD (bg-51) Angel in Bondage 4 1
HD (bg-51) Angel in Bondage 4 2
HD (bg-51) Angel in Bondage 4 3
HD (bg-51) Angel in Bondage 4 4

Hot girl Angel captured, tied up and gagged in the kitchen, sprayed upon with cold water. As a prisoner hold captive, tickled and teased. Put into a narrow straightjacket and wrapped up in a hogtie. A lot of topless scenes, tickling and interaction between Angel and the gangster.

DVD (bg-41) Gina and Angie in trouble 1
DVD (bg-41) Gina and Angie in trouble 2
DVD (bg-41) Gina and Angie in trouble 3
DVD (bg-41) Gina and Angie in trouble 4

Gina as a captive in a prisoner outfit, tied up in handcuffs and footcuffs. Then she can be seen as a tiger girl, nicely wrapped up in a nice little hogtie package. Angie as a business woman, who is attacked, teased and tied up by an employee.

DVD (bg-31) Captured Cindy 1
DVD (bg-31) Captured Cindy 2
DVD (bg-31) Captured Cindy 3
DVD (bg-31) Captured Cindy 4

Cindy is taken prisoner in her own appartment. She soon finds herself tied up on a weight bench: helplessly tied to the steel bars and gagged. Finally she has to wear a prisoner's outfit and is tied with handcuffs and footcuffs, gagged with a ball gag and can be seen topless. She tries to free herself ;-) As a bonus there is one outtake.

Prisoner in orange jumpsuit 0
Prisoner in orange jumpsuit 1
Prisoner in orange jumpsuit 2
Prisoner in orange jumpsuit 3
Prisoner in orange jumpsuit 4

sorry, the model didn´t want to make videos

Prisoner in cuffs

Taylor9:22 minutes and 96 imagesBondage

Prisoner Irina

Irina68 imagesBondage
Prisoner Irina 0
Prisoner Irina 1
Prisoner Irina 2
Prisoner Irina 3
Prisoner Irina 4

Irina as a prisoner tied up with handcuffs and topless and helpless on a table