In the forest Hogtied and handcuffed

Cindy6:56 minutes and 118 imagesBondage, Handcuffs2021
Winter tight bondage 1
Winter tight bondage 2

It was so cold... i must be really crazy that i allowed myself to get captured in this cold! :D
There i was standing, drooling, bound and freezing in the middle of the forest. Each time i hoped we would be done and i might.... maybe might get my jacket back he added another rope... i mean... wow... it was so hot but it was also soooo cold :D
At some point my captor was kind enough to give my back my Jacket, but of course he didnt zip it up! Pah!
But take a look at what he did with me :D

Extrem bondage at the tree 1
Extrem bondage at the tree 2

Like the title says - i love bondage ;)
It was definitely something different in the forest and it was making lots of fun even if the tree was completely crooked :D
The rope around my throat slipped down even tough it was right the first moment - looks like Tom needs to train some more :P

First rope bondage for Carry

Carry5:51 minutes and 86 imagesBondage
First rope bondage for Carry 1
First rope bondage for Carry 2
First rope bondage for Carry 3
First rope bondage for Carry 4

This was Carrys first time to be tied up with ropes and this on a sunny day at the public park. A little bit thrilling for her, she finds the situation very hot and exiting, but she loves it. Eating a banana with her hands ;-)

Cold straithjacket adventures 1
Cold straithjacket adventures 2

You are supposed to not catch a cold... in the cold taking your jacket off to change into another one which is super sexy but not really warm! It was... coooooold but so extremely funny that i would do it any time again :D
Once the jacket was finally on me, i was allowed to walk around in the forest :)
Maybe we will have next time more luck with snow and such ;)

Tight tree bondage

Violet17:09 minutes and 80 imagesBondage

Summertime feelings with Hogtie

Kimi11:37 minutes and 57 imagesBondage
Summertime feelings with Hogtie 1
Summertime feelings with Hogtie 2
Summertime feelings with Hogtie 3
Summertime feelings with Hogtie 4

Beautiful hot Kimi is lying in the beautiful hot sun. Her blonde hair is shining in the light and everything is filled with the smell of the fresh green grass and sweet flowers. She is tied in a hogtie while warm breezes caress her tender skin. You can hear birds tweeting and grasshoppers chirping. Yes, everything is perfect, while Kimi holds her bare feet in the air. But Kimi, didn't you know, that the world always has a bright and a dark side? Sorry Kimi, but there are these little, black, mean spiders, too ... and you are tied and helpless...

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Anna and Cindy118:18 minutesBondage
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5 great clips from the beginning of our production, totally over 2 (!) hours of video