More rope, Tom!

Mitzi Lamore10:35 minutesBondage
More rope, Tom! 1
More rope, Tom! 2

Symetry isnt really Tom's strength, cotton ropes taste odd and Mitzi who cant get enough! Watch it! :D

Extrem bondage at the tree 1
Extrem bondage at the tree 2

Like the title says - i love bondage ;)
It was definitely something different in the forest and it was making lots of fun even if the tree was completely crooked :D
The rope around my throat slipped down even tough it was right the first moment - looks like Tom needs to train some more :P

Extremly tape tie with neck 1
Extremly tape tie with neck 2

We felt like doing something, we havent had in a while. Tape!
There i was standing with the rope around my neck, so i couldnt trip over and with a little slap to my bum it started ;) With every turn it got tighter and tighter, it was so arousing, so tight, so... sticky! :D
Tape surprises me each time anew how fast it get this incedible tight. But thats fine, the whole thing was a lot of fun! Before i was able to complain about how tight it is i got a pantie gag and the fun started ;)

Soft skin at the wooden post

Marika21:02 minutes and 71 imagesBondage
Soft skin at the wooden post 1
Soft skin at the wooden post 2
Soft skin at the wooden post 3
Soft skin at the wooden post 4

Marika is tied completely nude. Ballgagged and with her hands bound together behind a post she has no chance to flee. So there is much time to celebrate her bondage. Starting with a crotchrope, it gets tighter and tighter step by step. Sometimes she tries to struggle and sometimes she just gives up, having no other chance but to enjoy the helplessness that the ropes bring.

After some time she nearly can't move any more. The perfect situation to start playing around with her a little. Her blindfold makes the tickling of her tender skin even more arousing for her. And then comes the leather-paddle that is used all over her body. She moans and gasps at this exciting experience. But the tight bondage around the strong wooden post combined with the necktie holds her in position very well.