The Handyman (4k)

Katharina14:29 minutesBondage2021
The Handyman (4k) 1
The Handyman (4k) 2

Katharina tied with cable ties and ropes on a trestle

Tight hogtie with cable ties (4k) 1
Tight hogtie with cable ties (4k) 2

Elli is made ready for shipping with thick cable ties, which are pulled very tight and tight. She can then not move a millimeter more, especially not without it hurts.

If you want to do something like that, please be careful, they easily cause injuries on the skin. And as you can see, her right hand doesn't look very good, but it works for a short time. It's a sign that it's pretty tight.


Kathleen12:02 minutesBondage
Selfbondage 1
Selfbondage 2

Kathleen reads a book with her hands in cable ties. But so she can come out again. But because it gets boring in the long run, she fastens the cable tie to the bed and tries to tighten it so that she has no chance to get out.

No sooner said than done. Unfortunately, she now realizes that she can't free herself anymore, crap......