DVD (bg-31) Captured Cindy 1
DVD (bg-31) Captured Cindy 2
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Cindy is taken prisoner in her own appartment. She soon finds herself tied up on a weight bench: helplessly tied to the steel bars and gagged. Finally she has to wear a prisoner's outfit and is tied with handcuffs and footcuffs, gagged with a ball gag and can be seen topless. She tries to free herself ;-) As a bonus there is one outtake.

Tight chair bondage

Mitzi Lamore15:18 minutesBondage
Tight chair bondage 1
Tight chair bondage 2

The inevitable fate of a rope bunny, always tightly tied up and ideally in a way so she cant free herself!
The rickety chair was a constant agony and i was fearing it might collapse every moment *laughs* But in exchange the gag-harness was the more interesting and i liked it a lot. You should have seen the marks it left on my skin! Super hot! And then there was also this really sexy pentagram harness - extremely hot! If it wouldnt have been enough to tie me up completely helplessly, unable to move much he had to be mean to me! But thats exactly the way i like it ;)