Extreme hogtie

Violet20:18 minutes and 58 imagesBondage

A long way to go

Irina23:48 minutes and 79 imagesBondage
A long way to go 1
A long way to go 2

Irina doesn't know yet, that she will soon be fairly gagged. She doesn't know that she will soon be blindfolded, and by the way be completely wrapped in tight ropes. She also doesn't know yet, how much she will enjoy it, although this will also push her to her limits.

But to this, there is a long way to go. Irina loves to be refractory and to be overpowered. And because she is so bold, she is silenced with a piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth and a lot of tape. She seems to like it much more to whimper into her gag, anyway. While she is now feeling completely helpless by the ropes that constrict her body, she can enjoy to be turned and watched. And to make her feel and look like a perfect bondage-girl, her eyes are blindfolded and her elbows tied together.

All this can be watched in this clip. And in the end you can see Irina completely helpless, looking like a sexy moaning helpless work of art. Of course we disentangled her after some time. But she had to remove her gag by herself.

Will she be statisfied?

Nadine23:52 minutes and 32 imagesBondage
Will she be statisfied? 1
Will she be statisfied? 2

As we all know, Nadine likes it rough. And she knows what to do, to get it rough. First, she is provoking all the time. Then she tries to tease us by refusing to be tied up. But inside her mind she is already begging for the rope.

And so she gets what she wanted. She is overpowered in a little fight. But even when she is lying on the floor and recognizes that she has definitely lost that fight, she goes on being bold. She really has the nerves to start tweaking her rigger. What a brave girl! The ropes are already around her wrists and ankles and she has no chance to escape the little punishments that are following. Of course she doesn't really want to escape them. She knows what she wants.

Our tough girl is now lying in a hogtie, trying to get out of her bondage. And she starts provoking again. So she is punished again, until she calms down a little bit. But all this was only for preparing her for the main-attraction. She doesn't know what will be happening, when she notices a sound behind her. She tries to turn her head, but the bondage doesn't allow.

A wheel is brought for her to sit on. There she is bound in another way – very hard with a harness on her head. And then her treatment is going on. Now she is not provoking any more. Maybe she can't because of her gag and her bondage. ;-) But we see it as a sign, that she is at last statisfied. And that is, what she told us after this session.