Yellow shirt

Mitzi Lamore 14:28 minutes Bondage
Yellow shirt 1
Yellow shirt 2

Something different, a low key video! Tom was obviously blinded by the bright light since he was wearing sunglasses?! Maybe my yellow shirt was to bright? :P
Me for my part had lots of fun in this take!

Tags: hot, bondage, gag

Ladder bondage

Mitzi Lamore 15:32 minutes Bondage
Ladder bondage 1
Ladder bondage 2

I arrive and there is this ladder... sideways... Why is there a ladder hanging?! Oh... it might be for me *smirks cheeky*. Would you like to try this ladder? But of course! Bam! Tied! :P
The whole thing was a lot of fun and something new as well ;)

Extrem tight rope bondage 1
Extrem tight rope bondage 2

I meet a new model Mitzi Lamore and she loves to be tied up extremly tight. So we made some sets for you.......

What do you think about her? Please give us comments.....

Tied up on the floor 1
Tied up on the floor 2

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Naked hogtied

Cynthia 10:07 minutes Bondage
Mitzis tightest ellbow tie 1
Mitzis tightest ellbow tie 2

Amazon Mitzi tied.... once again! :D The bondage was so extreme that my arms completely unfeeling, but it was.... wow! I want more of this! ;)

I want to be tied up

Vicky 14:07 minutes Bondage
I want to be tied up 1
I want to be tied up 2

Vicky wants to be tied up, so she gets what she want....

Babysitter Tamara in problems 1
Babysitter Tamara in problems 2

Tamara is babysitting for a good girlfriend. She doesn´t know what to do with the the boy.........but the boy wants to tie up Tamara. Tamara thinks, what can be a problem when a boy uses a rope.....bad mistake.

After not long time, Tamara is totally helpless, tied up, gagged and gets big problems to get free till the parents came back from diner........