Taylor frogtied (4K)

10:48 minutesBondage
Taylor frogtied (4K) 1
Taylor frogtied (4K) 2

4K high resolution quality. Full length version.

Attention, this file has 1 GB !!!

Jassis first frogtie

Jassi11:22 minutes and 70 imagesBondage

New model Taylor frogtied

Taylor2:11 minutes and 58 imagesBondage
New model Taylor frogtied 1
New model Taylor frogtied 2
New model Taylor frogtied 3
New model Taylor frogtied 4

This is one of the first 4K (4x higher resolutions than FULL-HD) bondage video on this site and may be in the world!!

You can download it in 4K quality or in lower quality for smaller file sizes.

4K is extremly brilliant, clear and sharp.


In future I will post on this site all high resolution photos of the set and a smaller version of the videos.

The full video clip in 4K you can download at:





Lenja23:32 minutes and 40 imagesBondage