Hogtied with big ballgag

2018-06-02 Beccy 16:04 minutes and 87 images Bondage

Tight Spread eagle

2018-04-07 Beccy 16:54 minutes and 96 images Bondage

Nina hogtied

2017-07-01 Nina 13:33 minutes Bondage

Bikini lady Isabell hogtied

2016-09-17 Isabell 17:57 minutes and 61 images Bondage

Hanging upside down

2016-05-14 Sophia 12:24 minutes and 15 images Bondage

First time hogtied

2014-10-25 Beccy 15:07 minutes and 77 images Bondage

Bondage Fun

2014-09-25 Nina 21:12 minutes and 54 images Bondage
Bondage Fun 1
Bondage Fun 2

Nina has a lot of fun with bondage. While her whole body is tied up in strong ropes she laughes and smiles because of the exciting situation and the feelings of the rope. With her feet, legs and upper body fixed to complete helplessness, she has to fully trust her Top. Then she even gets a tape gag. Well, now she can't laugh out that much any more. And her neck is fixed at a hook in the wall, too. To make her laugh again, she is tickled. Of course she can only make some noises into her gag - but in her eyes you can see the much fun she has!


Beautiful Nina hogtied

2014-02-15 Nina 27:23 minutes and 78 images Bondage
Beautiful Nina hogtied 1
Beautiful Nina hogtied 2
Beautiful Nina hogtied 3
Beautiful Nina hogtied 4

Nina tries out about bondage. She decided to start with a classic hogtie. So she finds out about the restriction such a bondage can give. A very sexy kind of restriction! Until it is time to become a little bit mean, for getting her out of dreaming in the ropes. Some tickling with a feather can help. But wait: Her feet and even her toes are tied very tight. So why not tickling her feet?