Hands up Mitzi

Mitzi Lamore 14:08 minutes and 7 images Bondage
Hands up Mitzi 1
Hands up Mitzi 2

Hands strictly tied with ropes, legs tied together as well, so she wasn't able to stand up anymore. Big colored ballgag in Mitzis bratty loud mouth, making her unable to complain and annoy me. :P And to compete the whole thing i pulled her wrists over her head up to the ceiling and tensed up the rope every now and then, higher and higher until she slowly got problems. ;)

Vicky as a package part 1

Vicky 11:42 minutes Bondage
Vicky as a package part 1 1
Vicky as a package part 1 2

Vicky is boring and she is lying on the sofa, thinking about what she can do?

Some minutes later she is tied up and gagged.....


Sophias final hogtie.

Sophia 11:27 minutes and 65 images Bondage
Sophias final hogtie. 1
Sophias final hogtie. 2
Sophias final hogtie. 3
Sophias final hogtie. 4

Sophia is baby sitting by a friend and the little boy wants to play a game........Sophia is completely unsuspecting when she saw the ropes. What can be dangerous with some ropes? OK, lets play.....
After a few minutes and some ropes later, she is changing her mind, but then it is too late for changing or trying to do anything ;-)

So thats the last set of Sophia on this site......she is going away to the USA forever......good luck!

Yoga girl Sophia hogtied

Sophia 17:29 minutes and 69 images Bondage

Her first hogtie

Emily 20:56 minutes and 151 images Bondage