I want to read, shut up!

Tamara and Senta 15:57 minutes Bondage
I want to read, shut up! 1
I want to read, shut up! 2

Senta, a really soccer fan, wants to watch and to cheer a lot for her favorite soccer club. But she is noisy during the play.....
And thats a problem for Tamara, who wants to read a book at the same sofa........and after Senta is very noisy again, she has to do something against this noisy fan on her left site.

She tries to tie up Senta with ropes, hands on her back and the feet, but it works not sooo good like Tamra thought. Unfortunately Tom is coming in and saw Senta tied up on the sofa and Tamara totally free, thats not a good thing........so Tamara couldn´t read anymore........she will be tied up too, her shirt is lifting up, tape gag around her mouth.....

In the same time Senta could get free, so Tom has to do catch also the second girl for having fun......

FULL-HD (bg-80) Dani + Vicky tied up in the office 1
FULL-HD (bg-80) Dani + Vicky tied up in the office 2

Dani und Vicky sind noch im Büro, Vicky schläft ein, was Dani sofort ausnutzt und sie an ihren Stuhl bindet. Später kommt ihr Chef und findet das die beiden noch ein paar Bondage-Überstunden nötig haben.
Gesamtlaufzeit: 61 Min.-Model: Dani+Vicky

FULL-HD (bg-069) 4 girls in Lycra and hogtied 1
FULL-HD (bg-069) 4 girls in Lycra and hogtied 2

4 hot girls in hot lycra outfits and tight hogtied, big ballgags, no chance to escape

Two girls in Trouble - PART 4 1
Two girls in Trouble - PART 4 2

This ist the last part of the story of two stewardesses in their bondage adventure.

The stranger still does not leave them. And then the blonde girl makes a real big mistake: She starts singing! So the two girls are getting to know the feeling of some big ballgags. Even when the big ball stuffs her mouth, the blonde girl tries to beg that this thing will be taken out of her mouth. But no chance - no one can understand her now. And then her friend is getting angry also and starts grouching about the fool ideas of her companion. But with a big gag in her mouth that muffles her noise and tied to a chair, the only effect ist that she gives an enjoyable picture for the stranger. As her hogtied friend does too, while she is lying there and tries to call for help. Seems to become an endless exciting bondage-adventure...

Two girls in trouble – PART 3 1
Two girls in trouble – PART 3 2

At last it is going on. Here is part 3 of four of our two girls adventure.

You remember: At the end of PART 2 they were both tied up by the intruder after an attempt to escape. Now they are both wrapped in ropes tightly and tied in a hogtie. Realising they have no chance to do anything than wait, the two captives start to quarrel about who of them should be found guilty for their misfortune.

But then the stranger comes back again to untie one of his captives. And he takes up a lot of time doing this – so the girls have too much time to hope for the best: that they are free soon. But of course their adventure is not over yet. One girl was untied, just to be ordered to change her clothes again.