Tight blue ropes 1
Tight blue ropes 2
Tight blue ropes 3
Tight blue ropes 4

Marika is completely nude and tied in a hogtie with blue ropes. With every rope the bondage becomes tighter and tighter. She has to concentrate very much to manage the ropes cutting in her skin. But this is no reason to forgo a nice toe-bondage, too. And of course she has to be gagged.

Better to do so, because now she is even treated and teased with a feather. And of course a little spanking should not be missing to make her joyful bondage-session complete.


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October 12, 2013 23:57 vicroy ★★★★★ no comment entered
November 12, 2013 20:51 access_609_4287 ★★★★☆ no comment entered
October 16, 2014 07:17 anonymous ★★★★☆ no comment entered
June 26, 2016 01:22 UZimmer ★★★★★ no comment entered
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