Silly babysitter in problems 1
Silly babysitter in problems 2

Leslie's making money babysitting again. So far it has always worked out wonderfully, little work, the little one was always very well-behaved and left her alone, so easily earned money.

What she doesn't suspect yet, this time things will turn out differently ;-)

Already after a short time the little one whimpers more and more, which is boring to him. Leslie thinks so itself, yes well, then we play with him just what. She is slightly surprised when he suddenly arrives with a rope (he probably found it somewhere). What's dangerous about a rope, she thinks.

Well, then tie my hands tight, when you'll finally shut up!

After a short time the little one comes back, this time he has found a rope for his feet. Now she thinks it's a bit weird, but she wants him to finally give it a rest, so just this one more time, ok?

Unfortunately she is now so helpless that she can't prevent him from putting a ball gag in her mouth, she "parks" in the hogtie on the floor and pulls up her shirt ;-) "Oh no, not the elbows too, how am I supposed to get to the scissors?" At the latest now she realizes that she is in serious trouble, because the parents will soon come back from the cinema and they certainly don't like it that her babysitter, who wants to be paid and should take care of the little one, now lies helpless and half naked on the floor. This will surely give trouble and no more orders :-(