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She is one of these girls, that you just want to see being tied up. And she is one of these girls that have to be seduced carefully.

Crystel has no chance. Her curiosity is just too big. And so she finds herself in a bondage, again. While her beautiful body is tied up more and more, she watches everything very carefully. She always wants to know, how it goes on. And then she realizes, that everything is very tight and that she is absolutely unable to move any more.

Too late. Completely wrapped, she is totally helpless now. How could that happen? She was always that careful... and then she is blindfolded...


Comments and ratings

Date Username Rating Comment
October 26, 2013 14:02 access_595_3963 ★★★★☆ very erotic play
November 12, 2013 21:51 access_609_4287 ★★★★☆ Faszinierende Augen
November 20, 2013 00:04 Clubman ★★☆☆☆ Fesseln, Outfit = 2 Punkte
June 26, 2016 03:33 UZimmer ★★★★★ no comment entered
July 24, 2016 02:12 Karakasa18138 ★★★★★ Hot girl, hot bikini, hot play!
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