Really tight hogtie 1
Really tight hogtie 2
Really tight hogtie 3
Really tight hogtie 4

We had a nice hot day and it was a bit annoying that Mitzi was constantly freezing while i was sweating.
So i decided in the end to let her sweat as well. :P
She wanted to get tired up on that white lounger, how wasn't important, her loss :P
So i took ropes and tied her whole body nice and tight together. First wrists and ankles, then elbows almost completely together (this tight we haven't done it yet i think, but she will have to get used to it ;) ). Cloth into her mouth and a nice tight bandage wrapped around. And as final touch her hair fastened with a rope, pulling her head backwards, so she wasn't able to move anymore.

Since she is taller than the lounger, a part of the seating was missing and she wasn't able to rest her head on it, but had to keep it held up. Not really comfortable, if you are tied this tightly and then barely get air with such a gag.

But Joy she wasn't freezing after that anymore if not too say she was "hot"!!!
Maybe i should fasten next time a rope through her crotch as well, to warm her up even faster. :)

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