The Librarian (4k) 1
The Librarian (4k) 2

Catherine is an accurate librarian who looks at bondage magazines during work hours, which is forbidden!

Der kranke Patient (4k)

Katharina15:09 minutesBondage
Der kranke Patient (4k) 1
Der kranke Patient (4k) 2

Katharina cares for a patient who is up to no good......viel Straitjackets Video

crossed feet (4k)

Elli15:37 minutesBondage2021

Tongue Holder Gag (4k)

Elli14:44 minutesBondage2021
Tongue Holder Gag (4k) 1
Tongue Holder Gag (4k) 2

Elli wants to try a rod gag with a tongue holder. Problem is that the tongue holder goes pretty far into the mouth and is actually only intended for horses.

Hogtied Reverse (4k)

Elli14:52 minutesBondage, Rope Bondage2021
Hogtied Reverse (4k) 1
Hogtied Reverse (4k) 2

this time lying on her back on the bed tied up neatly

extreme hogtie part 2 (4k) 1
extreme hogtie part 2 (4k) 2

this time her body parts are connected individually to the sides of the bed

extreme hogtie part 1

Elli15:31 minutesBondage2021
extreme hogtie part 1 1
extreme hogtie part 1 2

extreme hogtie with gag and arms and legs pulled up

Legs Up Elli (4k)

Elli9:57 minutesBondage2021
Legs Up Elli (4k) 1
Legs Up Elli (4k) 2

She is tied up on the bed and her legs are pulled up

Standing clamped (4k)

Elli14:32 minutesBondage, Rope Bondage2021
Standing clamped (4k) 1
Standing clamped (4k) 2

Elli stands in her riding clothes, arms tied upwards to a spreader bar, legs apart also to a bar

Slave Positions (4k)

Elli15:57 minutesBondage
Slave Positions (4k) 1
Slave Positions (4k) 2

Elli in different slave positions. Little bondage in this video.