Neighbor wants to be tied up part 1 1
Neighbor wants to be tied up part 1 2

My neighbour calls me and asks me if she has a little problem and if I could come over for a moment? Of course I can, I've been watching her for a long time, how she leaves the house in the morning or goes shopping and wonder what she would look like naked and bound *dream*.

So hurry over before she changes her mind, even though I wonder what she wants from me of all people? And so late at night.

Leslie receives me in a white hot bathrobe, whether she has something under it? ;-) There's ropes next to her.

I ask her how I could help her? Oh fine, she wants to be tied up and has no one :-) But out of politeness I refuse of course, there can be something wrong, surely hidden camera or something like that.......when she even undresses to reach her goal, "well if it absolutely has to be" ;-)

A little later she lies almost naked, completely tied and gagged in front of me, that must be a dream............