Nadine in pink ropes 1
Nadine in pink ropes 2
Nadine in pink ropes 3
Nadine in pink ropes 4

In this video, Nadine wears beautiful net-stockings, boots and a bold black dress. Her Hands are tied, so she can't defend, when more and more of the pink rope ist put around her body. She seems to be excited, when the rope runs over her skin.

She loves to struggle, so she gives a good reason to give her some dabs on her ass. Then her legs are tied. Now she is completely helpless and can not run away any more. When her dress is pulled down, you can see her kinky pink bra. She seems to enjoy it, when her breasts are touched in such a helpless situation. Now she is standing there, wrapped in rope beautifully, with her tits pushed up by the cords. No chance for her to get loose. This is the right moment for gagging her.

Now she suddenly finds herself lying on the floor. Her boots are removed and she gets some hits on the butt. And there is no way for her to escape. She tries and tries and struggles in the tight ties.

In the end she is bound in a hogtie. Moving her body an rolling around, she recognizes that she will never get out of this bondage … if there isn't someone coming, who will free her. Maybe she hopes that this won't happen to soon, so she can enjoy her bondage for some time.