Fulfilling her rough fantasies 1
Fulfilling her rough fantasies 2

Nadine told us, that she likes it hard and rough. And she told us again and again. Well, is there any good reason to not fulfill a girls dreams and wishes?

There is no hesitation when she is suggested to have a little bondage-session. Soon she is bound at hands and feet and put on the couch. Lying there she seems to be aroused by the ropes, sometimes drifting away in pleasure or dreaming and waiting. Who knows what's in the mind of a girl in bondage? Maybe even she herself could not really describe it. Look at her and try to find out by yourself, watching her while she is struggling.

After some time, she has to stand up to be bound into a strappado. And then, a second guy is suddenly entering the scene, while she is completely helpless. She is held tight and spanked and touched again and again. And more and more rope is added, that makes her tie very uncomfortable. And you will see that in her face. There is no chance for her to flee the whip, that is now used on her butt. The strict ropes keep her in position and after some time the saliva starts dropping from the gag in her mouth. At the end, she is left there, whimpering and whiming through her ballgag. She is very exhausted – but happy.

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November 20, 2013 00:37 Clubman ★★★★☆ Fesseln-Knebel-Crotchrope-Idee und Spanking = 4 Punkte
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