In gelben Seilen gefesselt

Nina 9:47 Minuten und 56 Bilder Bondage
In gelben Seilen gefesselt 1
In gelben Seilen gefesselt 2

Sie wird mit gelben Seilen an einen Stuhl gefesselt mit Tapeknebel. Dieses Mal sieht man ihre nackten Beine, aber mit High Heels.

Gefesselt in einer Daunenjacke 1
Gefesselt in einer Daunenjacke 2

It was cold outside, so Vicky was wearing a heavy down jacket and we tied up her in this jacket.

Babysitter Tamara in problems 1
Babysitter Tamara in problems 2

Tamara is babysitting for a good girlfriend. She doesn´t know what to do with the the boy.........but the boy wants to tie up Tamara. Tamara thinks, what can be a problem when a boy uses a rope.....bad mistake.

After not long time, Tamara is totally helpless, tied up, gagged and gets big problems to get free till the parents came back from diner........

Tax inspector part 2

Sophia 23:59 Minuten und 44 Bilder Bondage
Tax inspector part 2 1
Tax inspector part 2 2
Tax inspector part 2 3
Tax inspector part 2 4

custom video - In part 2 of this story, Sophia will be strictly tied to a chair with a lot of rope and a tight tape gag. At the end she is calling with his dad, explaining what she is doing at the moment ;-)

Schlagworte: tape gag, chair bondage

Irina mummified with really much tape

Irina 26:31 Minuten und 78 Bilder Bondage
Irina mummified with really much tape 1
Irina mummified with really much tape 2
Irina mummified with really much tape 3
Irina mummified with really much tape 4

Custom video - Irina first topless, then she will be tied up with 2 thick blankets tight around her body and secured with 2 rolls of strong tape and a thick tape gag.