Sophias final hogtie.

29.10.2016 Sophia 11:27 Minuten und 65 Bilder Bondage
Sophias final hogtie. 1
Sophias final hogtie. 2
Sophias final hogtie. 3
Sophias final hogtie. 4

Sophia is baby sitting by a friend and the little boy wants to play a game........Sophia is completely unsuspecting when she saw the ropes. What can be dangerous with some ropes? OK, lets play.....
After a few minutes and some ropes later, she is changing her mind, but then it is too late for changing or trying to do anything ;-)

So thats the last set of Sophia on this site......she is going away to the USA forever......good luck!

Hands up baby

15.10.2016 Isabell 20:26 Minuten und 43 Bilder Bondage

Yoga girl Sophia hogtied

08.10.2016 Sophia 17:29 Minuten und 69 Bilder Bondage

Tax inspector part 2

24.09.2016 Sophia 23:59 Minuten und 44 Bilder Bondage
Tax inspector part 2 1
Tax inspector part 2 2
Tax inspector part 2 3
Tax inspector part 2 4

custom video - In part 2 of this story, Sophia will be strictly tied to a chair with a lot of rope and a tight tape gag. At the end she is calling with his dad, explaining what she is doing at the moment ;-)

Schlagworte: tape gag, chair bondage

Bikini lady Isabell hogtied

17.09.2016 Isabell 17:57 Minuten und 61 Bilder Bondage

Tax inspector Sophia senseless

10.09.2016 Sophia 29:33 Minuten und 48 Bilder Bondage
Tax inspector Sophia senseless 1
Tax inspector Sophia senseless 2
Tax inspector Sophia senseless 3
Tax inspector Sophia senseless 4

Sophia as a tax inspector comes in to a watch office and is wondering why she cant see a lot of watches.....

One minute after she is lying senseless on the floor and will be tied up and gagged.....tight tape gag and a strict body tie and 6 levels of feet bondage. At the end she will be hogtied.