Lingerie girl hog- and necktied 1
Lingerie girl hog- and necktied 2

Custom video - Tamara is tied up with rope, her neck, her hands and the feets. So when she is struggling with the hands, the neck tie will be tighter. And she should be trying to escape.........

Schlagworte: neck tie, topless, hogtied

Baseball fan hogtied

Tamara 15:53 Minuten und 6 Bilder Bondage

Naked Tamara frogtied

Tamara 13:42 Minuten und 15 Bilder Bondage

Sophias final hogtie.

Sophia 11:27 Minuten und 65 Bilder Bondage
Sophias final hogtie. 1
Sophias final hogtie. 2
Sophias final hogtie. 3
Sophias final hogtie. 4

Sophia is baby sitting by a friend and the little boy wants to play a game........Sophia is completely unsuspecting when she saw the ropes. What can be dangerous with some ropes? OK, lets play.....
After a few minutes and some ropes later, she is changing her mind, but then it is too late for changing or trying to do anything ;-)

So thats the last set of Sophia on this site......she is going away to the USA forever......good luck!

Hands up baby

Isabell 20:26 Minuten und 43 Bilder Bondage

Yoga girl Sophia hogtied

Sophia 17:29 Minuten und 69 Bilder Bondage

Yellow ballgag and ropes

Kathleen 7:42 Minuten und 66 Bilder Bondage

Tax inspector part 2

Sophia 23:59 Minuten und 44 Bilder Bondage
Tax inspector part 2 1
Tax inspector part 2 2
Tax inspector part 2 3
Tax inspector part 2 4

custom video - In part 2 of this story, Sophia will be strictly tied to a chair with a lot of rope and a tight tape gag. At the end she is calling with his dad, explaining what she is doing at the moment ;-)

Schlagworte: tape gag, chair bondage