Tied up with fun

2017-06-10 − Eve − 15:57 minutes
Tied up with fun 1
Tied up with fun 2
A new model is arrived from russia and she loves to be tied up, being helpless, gagged and when somebody plays with her. ;-)
She tried to escape from the ropes, but not long .......and we promised that we will try the same next time on a harder way.
Tags: topless


2017-05-06 − Senta − 13:17 minutes
Straithjacket 1
Straithjacket 2
Escape artist Senta thinks it can´t be difficult to get out of a straithjacket. But she tried in the past more than one time to get out of restraints, but every time without success. So she tries again.... ;-)

Nude hogtied

2017-04-29 − Eve − 15:05 minutes
Nude hogtied 1
Nude hogtied 2
Eve is waiting and will be attacked from a man. She has to make a striptease and will be tied up and gagged and finally hogtied on the bed.