2017-05-06 − Senta − 13:17 minutes
Straithjacket 1
Straithjacket 2
Escape artist Senta thinks it can┬┤t be difficult to get out of a straithjacket. But she tried in the past more than one time to get out of restraints, but every time without success. So she tries again.... ;-)

Nude hogtied

2017-04-29 − Eve − 15:05 minutes
Nude hogtied 1
Nude hogtied 2
Eve is waiting and will be attacked from a man. She has to make a striptease and will be tied up and gagged and finally hogtied on the bed.

Hands up baby

2017-04-15 − Eve − 11:45 minutes
Hands up baby 1
Hands up baby 2
A tricky situation for Eve, hanging on her hands, cant move an inch.....

Babysitter in ropes

2017-04-08 − Senta − 12:36 minutes
Babysitter in ropes 1
Babysitter in ropes 2
Senta has a new job as babysitter. But this job is not normal, it is dangerous for the babysitter.......

First rope bondage on a chair for Eve

2017-04-01 − Eve − 12:02 minutes
First rope bondage on a chair for Eve 1
First rope bondage on a chair for Eve 2
Eve came to the studio and wants a bondage shooting. But she means she will only like fake bondage, not too tight......
So we tied up her hands and feet and said, that she should struggle and try to escape. And she struggled and struggled, no chance to get free and she loves it ;-)
So next set should be tighter than this one, she said.