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Spread eagle on the bed

14. Januar 2017 — 17:12 Minuten von Tamara

Abducted Senta

7. Januar 2017 — 13:37 Minuten von Senta

Breast bondage with Tamara

31. Dezember 2016 — 12:30 Minuten von Tamara

Tamara, a tired business woman came back from work. She had to do sooo much the long day in the office, so she wants to relax the rest of the day. But she heard a curious sound at the door and seconds later she is helpless tied up and gagged on a chair. She gets topless, breast grabbing from the intruder, her breasts will be also tied up. No chance to relax or to escape.


I can escape from this hogtie!

24. Dezember 2016 — 11:22 Minuten von Senta

I want to read, shut up!

17. Dezember 2016 — 15:57 Minuten von Tamara, Senta

Senta, a really soccer fan, wants to watch and to cheer a lot for her favorite soccer club. But she is noisy during the play.....
And thats a problem for Tamara, who wants to read a book at the same sofa........and after Senta is very noisy again, she has to do something against this noisy fan on her left site.

She tries to tie up Senta with ropes, hands on her back and the feet, but it works not sooo good like Tamra thought. Unfortunately Tom is coming in and saw Senta tied up on the sofa and Tamara totally free, thats not a good thing........so Tamara couldn´t read anymore........she will be tied up too, her shirt is lifting up, tape gag around her mouth.....

In the same time Senta could get free, so Tom has to do catch also the second girl for having fun......


Escape artist Senta in problems

10. Dezember 2016 — 18:42 Minuten von Senta

The famous escape artist Senta has tomorrow her public escape artist show with hundreds of fans. So she must be good prepared for the show. She wants to train a little bit more getting free from tight bondage, but she needs somebody who will tie her up, really tight and similar to the show.

But Tom is reading an exciting article in the newspaper and has no time for tying up girls ;-)

After solving this problem, she is hogtied very strong with ropes and has a ballgag in her mouth and now she has to get free within 10 minutes. Thats the maximum time for the show.....


Babysitter Tamara in problems

3. Dezember 2016 — 9:38 Minuten von Tamara

Tamara is babysitting for a good girlfriend. She doesn´t know what to do with the the boy.........but the boy wants to tie up Tamara. Tamara thinks, what can be a problem when a boy uses a rope.....bad mistake.

After not long time, Tamara is totally helpless, tied up, gagged and gets big problems to get free till the parents came back from diner........


Lingerie girl hog- and necktied

26. November 2016 — 14:11 Minuten von Tamara

Custom video - Tamara is tied up with rope, her neck, her hands and the feets. So when she is struggling with the hands, the neck tie will be tighter. And she should be trying to escape.........


Baseball fan hogtied

19. November 2016 — 15:53 Minuten und 6 Bilder von Tamara

Hard chair tie with breast bondage

12. November 2016 — 19:30 Minuten